Brenda Gray

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” 

― Herophilus


$ 80.00 CAD

Axiatonal Re-Alignment

$ 80 CAD

Chakra Balancing

$ 80 CAD

90 Minute Consultation

$ 105.00 CAD

Initial 90-minute Consultation: $105.00

During your first appointment, I will review your Lifestyle Assessment Form, as well as your Food Diary

I will offer recommendations to get you started right away.

Step 1 : Print your Lifestyle Assessment Form & Food Diary

Step 2 : Fill out your 7 day Food Diary

Step 3 : Book your session

60 minute follow up

$ 85.00 CAD

60-minute Follow-Up Consultation: $85.00

Your second appointment will include a review of your dietary habits and lifestyle changes, and I'll recommend supplementation if required.

We'll address any challenges that arise.

Book your session

30 minute follow up

$ 40.00 CAD

30-minute Follow-Up Consultation: $40.00

Depending on your needs, we may or may not, need to book you for any further consultations. Together, we can decide how much time you need, in order to reach your optimum health.

Book your session

Payment Options: Cash, Cheque or PayPal - all available by online invoicing via email.

Communication: I encourage on-going communication, between appointments at no extra cost.

Out of Town: Consultations are available by email or phone, for anyone who lives out of town at no extra cost. 

(excluding shipping)

Insurance Coverage: Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage for nutritional consulting. 

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